Why I Renamed My Blog (Angels To Guide Us)

April 7, 2023

I've been waffling on this blog and the general direction I should take with my other writing projects for a while now but today, on this Good Friday, things finally fell into place. So I decided to narrow my focus - from all things spiritual to angels - and changed the name of the blog to match. 

I will still continue with traditional Catholic spiritual formation on my own but angels, discernment and spiritual warfare will be my primary focus here on the blog. 

Blogging on Angels

One great thing about blogging on angels is that I have a LOT of study materials already. These include some very good Catholic books (including the Bible), online videos and DVDs, the Opus Angelorum website and more. 

In addition to blogging on what I'm learning, I will be posting a book list and various spiritual warfare resources including prayers in both Latin and English. I will also be sharing some of my own experience from my time in the New Age and occult. 

The books I'm reading right now are Dominion by Fr. Chad Ripperger and The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition by Fr. Pascale Parente. I'm really just getting started. There is a lot to learn!

One reason I want to focus on angels is because various New Age practices like "angel meditation" and "angel card reading" are very widespread. While a lot of this stuff seems harmless, it can have serious spiritual and psychological consequences. 

Spiritual Deception and the New Age

I'll have more to say on all of this but I'd like to close this post with a (kind of fuzzy) video of me at the height of my deception.

The video was recorded eleven years ago. I had just changed the name of my blog from the Mystic Review to the New Age Review as I went from tarot cards to "angel" cards. 

I was already deeply involved with the demonic and believed that switching from tarot to "angel" cards was stepping away from the darkness of the occult. It seems foolish now, but it is a very common way of thinking that was widely promoted by Doreen Virtue (who is now an Evangelical) and others.

I ended up changing the name of the blog back to the Mystic Review because I liked it better but I continued to "work with my angels" off and until 2017. The whole new-agey angel thing may seem harmless and kind of silly, but (just like Ouija boards and Wiccan circles) it throws open the door to the demonic. In my case, it led directly to mediumship and witchcraft and some very dark expereinces.

I'll say more about "angel" card reading in the weeks ahead. It is wrong on many different levels but what strikes me most about this video is how offensive such things must be to God and His Holy Angels.

PLEASE NOTE: Aside from the part about my dog and moving, none of what I say in this video is true!

To read my online testimony about my experience in the New Age and occult, please click here

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